What to bring to the Maldives, activities and the best days to spend there.

Many people ask me what the Maldives are like.
Do you get bored? Is a week enough? Activities? Clothes? Temperature?
So first of all, very little is needed for the Maldives because it is nothing more than a small paradise where you can switch off your mind and relax with only the sea, sporting activities and healthy food.

I’ve been going to the same resort for 4 years, now it is like a second home for me, and every year I go there with the same goals: to return relaxed and regenerated.

In my opinion, if you leave from Italy, I’d recommend to take at least 10 days because two are spent travelling, which is tiring (even if you fly in business). If you depart from Dubai or near there even just a week is fine.
I always stayed for at least 2 weeks each time and I was never bored, even though I didn’t have a partner.
What I recommend bringing are certainly all the necessary medicines because there are no pharmacies on the atol, clothes with fresh fabrics such as linen and cotton for when it’s really hot, flat sandals (you’re on an island afterall), adapter.
If you don’t want to spend too much on flights (buying them last minute and no longer finding a place in business), I recommend to use Skyscanner, purchase extra leg room with lounge access so you can have a nice shower in between flights (if you travel via either Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Doha).
My typical day in the Maldives goes as follows: I wake up early (because I go in winter and the sun sets early in the evening so it’s better to enjoy the morning and afternoon and go to bed at 11pm maximum); then I have breakfast and after half an hour I hit the gym.
Then I take a quick shower and go straight to the sea.
In the sea you can snorkel, go fishing on a boat, take diving courses, walk along the
In the evening there are varied activities, such as
live music, karaoke, DJs, dancing, group games, fireworks show.
The Maldives are close to my heart because every year, in addition to seeing wonderful people who are part of my life and in my circle of friends, they always give me strong emotions 😂😅 (my friends know something about it).
I recommend them especially during the New Year period… whether you are with friends or as a couple you will love them!

The thing I love the most about my favorite resort Brennia Kottefaru https://brennia.com (I have been to others but there is no comparison in terms of quality, services and staff) are the true and unique moments that only they are able to give me.
From breakfast in the room which can also be a “floating” breakfast to dinners in the various restaurants where it is possible to request a table on the beach surrounded by rose petals and exclusive services. I certainly can’t forget their spa. Characterized by many rooms with super competent staff. I had the best massages there. In the evening the music, the starry sky, the sound of the sea… what can I say more, nothing is missing!

And with the time difference one returns to the perfect time if they return to Italy.
The Maldives mean these words to me: freedom, mental well-being and happiness.

For any questions, write to me below.

Il “Made in Milano” portato a Dubai 💎

Il mio MAKEASPLASH Milano a colazione, in spiaggia e a cena nell’affascinante Dubai.

Come già anticipato in uno dei miei articoli precedenti, il favoloso costume MAKEASPLASH Milano può essere indossato in moltissimi modi, ci si può sbizzarrire davvero all’infinito.

Indossato in tutti i momenti della giornata, con diverse funzionalità, questo fantastico capo mi ha fatta sempre sentire comoda, glamour e unica.

Disponibile in moltissimi colori e anche monocromatico, il capo è acquistabile sul sito ufficiale: http://www.makeasplash.it.


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