Luca Barra Fall Winter 17/18

Quadrifogli e perle, la perfetta combinazione per questo inverno 2017-2018!
Come conciliare tradizione e innovazione in una fantastica parure?
La tradizione custodita nella semplicità delle perle, mentre, l’innovazione è evidente nella forma del quadrifoglio.
Tradizione e futuro, uniti da catenine d’oro che si sposano perfettamente in uno stile unico e inconfondibile, sono il fulcro della collezione “Perle Easy Chic”.
Ideali per tutti i giorni, le perle del marchio Luca Barra si adattano perfettamente ad un look semplice ma raffinato. Colori bianchi o neri per esaltarle al massimo.
Luca Barra è oggi presente nel settore gioielleria fashion con 1.500 punti vendita in Italia e nel mondo.
Collana e bracciale, oltre ad altre bellissime creazioni, facenti parte della collezione fall-winter 17/18, indossati da me in foto, sono acquistabili sul sito












A GEM, only for me, from Canada🌸

The Essence of My fashion blog on My necklace.

Jeff and Patti are the creators and founders of Dimples Charms, an Amazing brand specialized in personalizing Jewels.
They have realized for me a Beautiful charm, in silver 925, with my logo Incised on the front side of the round pendant, and on the back my fashion blog’s name: “Frapassion”.
I Love and appreciate it from the moment i saw the packaging: that little lovely little box in Tiffany tone which you can only fall in love with. 😍

You can choose each piece of jewel by going on their site link and just send them an email if you need assistance.
They rapresent their brand with these Words:
“We are on a mission to help the world capture life’s precious moments…and this is how it all began.”

Something to know from their story:
Patti speach about her and her husband founded Dimples.
“You know all the sayings about time and how it flies, and how kids grow up so fast. They are total clichés, but they are also so very true.

The value of time as a precious and limited commodity only became meaningful to Jeff and I when these new little beings entered our lives. Their growth week by week, month by month, year by year, was such an obvious yardstick for the passage of time and there was no slowing it down.

We had a jewelry store and studio in the quaint, small town where we still reside. After our first son was born, I was on maternity leave from teaching, but Jeff was always at the shop.  The baby and I spent a lot of time there, but still, Jeff was missing so much. Mostly, it was simple everyday moments that he missed. The ones that at the time don’t seem special, but looking back are what makes your whole life remarkable.

So, to try to capture those moments, Jeff made a fingerprint charm of our wee son’s finger. He gave it to me for Mother’s Day and people in town loved it and wanted their own.  Dimples was born.

Our life is focused on the tiny things in life, our 3 small children and the fun and the frustrating day-to-day aspects of raising them and running a business all from a small, rural town.

Because of this, we have a reverence for the small moments in life that become significant. Sometimes the well planned and organized special occasions are the most special: the weddings, family photo shoots, reunions. But most often it is the spontaneous moments…after the photographer leaves and your boys while monkey-ing around fall face first into a mud puddle and emerge laughing and filthy (true story)…that are the most memorable. Who hasn’t experienced a family trip that goes so disastrously, but that 10 years later you laugh yourself to tears when recalling it. Those moments, fun & hilarious, embarrassing & horrible, heartwarming & heartbreaking, even downright devastating…those are the remarkable moments. Those are the memories you cherish.

Life is remarkable. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Let these moments leave their mark on your life. And we’ll be here to help you capture them forever in Dimples!

Wondering about the name? Well, often you only see Dimples when someone smiles. And that’s what our Dimples aim to do, make you smile as you remember life’s remarkable people and moments.”









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Sensuale con poco!💕😉

Basta indossare le perle e il gioco è fatto!
Perfette in ogni occasione, i doni dell’acqua, danno un tocco di raffinatezza che può essere paragonata solo ai diamanti.
La collana di B.Catcher trova il suo perfetto alleato: il pizzo😉
Grazie a questo brand, completo la mia parure da indossare durante le sere estive.
La collana, come anche gli orecchini, è acquistabile su Amazon







Si infila come un anello, si indossa come un bracciale, è: l’Handwel!

Una nuova concezione di gioiello è quella proposta dal marchio “Yes, I am”.
Nuovo rispetto a ciò che il mercato oggi propone nel settore Jewelry, ma non rispetto al passato.
Si tratta di una rivisitazione dei noti bijoux nobiliari, in voga tra il 700′ e l’800′.
Per donne e ragazze moderne, di vero stile, che non vogliono passare inosservate.
Per esprimere tutta se stessa sul proprio palmo, si può scegliere tra una varietà di scritte: “Rock, Love, Friend, Family, Be Crazy, Be Cool, Dreamer, Angel, Respect, BadGirl, ed infine Yes, I am!
I bracciali sono acquistabili sul sito e utilizzando il codice: “yesiam20″si può usufruire del 20% di sconto (valido per 15 giorni dalla data di pubblicazione).