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The topics I am going to cover in future articles …

It has been too many years since I wrote and I have so many things to share.
It has been 4 years to be precise, since November 2020.

It is now March 2024 and it seems like it has been 10 years!
I spent 3 months in South Africa, I’ve been 4 times in the Maldives, I went to Dubai, Paris, Turkey and many other places… I earned one more master’s degree and a new fashion project is on its way…
I thought to keep you updated moving forward with an article a week here on my blog.
The topics are going to be the most commonly requested.
First article:
What to bring to the Maldives, activities and the best days to spend there.
Second: How to pack a suitcase in 10 minutes: divide into categories and be efficient without forgetting anything.
Third article:
Why I chose a master’s degree in Fashion, after a degree in Economics.

Why I recommend Marangoni and whether it has helped me in the real world.
Are you curious?

Stay tuned 😘