The international fashion week in Dubai

Something about the international fashion week in Dubai told by the organizer herself: Cheryle Dias.
Firstly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Cheryle.
Thanks for taking the time to meet me.
F: “Tell me something about your history and ruote that carried you in the Wonderful fashion world.”
C: “An artist is an artist by birth, same goes with me, as I grew my parents came to know I have artistic qualities which were different than my brother and sisters, they always encouraged and supported me. When I was in school my subject was science, I was least interested in the subject, rather doing experiments I was only interested in drawing, after finishing school finally I choose fine arts as my main subject, and carried on till my masters; slowly I came to know that my interests are more into fashion design and textile rather than painting and sculpturing, so my major’s was fashion design and there my career started.
My passion had turned me to become an entrepreneur and have launched my own new venture Cheryle Haute Couture and Bridals, my entreperneur skills and passion for fashion led me to organize life style events, I wanted to provide the platform to designers whether they are young or mature, to show their skills and get renowned globally, so International Fashion Week Dubai was conceptulized in the year 2015, since then we had 4 wonderful seasons. International Fashion Week Dubai is today one of the top fashion weeks of UAE and a very important event in the world. My work has led me to make many friends and business associates all over the world and I represent many of the worlds important beauty pagents as national director. My jourmey will continue to explore fashion worldwide and I will also continue my support to Fashion Designers and enterpreneurs to explore their talents.”
F: “Which skills are important for a successful career in fashion design?”.
C: “Highly creative and artistic, strong drawing skills, good eye for detail, understanding of texture, color and quality fabric, strong visualization skills, excellent communication & interpersonal skills, a good sense for business, a competitive spirit, ability to work well with a team, knowledge and interest in current fashion trends.”
F: “Tell me something about fashion week in Dubai”.
C: “International Fashion Week Dubai is a Fashion show held twice a year in Dubai – UAE (Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer). It is one of the top Fashion Weeks of UAE organized by Opulence Event Management a retail-focused event. International Fashion Week also has a 2 day Life Style Exposition by top designers and vendors on the same days as the Fashion Week with exhibitors displaying and selling their products and services, the exposition is open to general public and attracts many buyers. It is a high end Fashion show and Exposition with International and Local designers and buyers who patronize the event.
Dubai is an International Hub for Business and hence brand IFWD is committed to bring a corporate ethos and professional touch to the event. It believes that The Concept, The Design, Choreography and Execution of the Fashion Show and Exposition constitute a gracious, and oftentimes, strategic message on a client’s behalf… the goal is to project the standards, integrity of the client’s and company and have a long and very clear vision of being the foremost organization regionally and internationally in the field of Fashion Shows.
International Fashion Week Dubai (IFWD) Season 5 is scheduled in the 3rd week of October 2017. @Sofitel the Palms Dubai. It will be huge and one of the biggest fashion event of Dubai, we aim to bring fashion and business under one platform. We are offering the biggest opportunity for designers to participate and receive wider exposure and branding to local/international media, exclusive interviews in magazines to promote brands to Conglomerate Entrepreneurs, to explore business with Top Fashion Houses and buyers, have exposure to work with Top Models, Designers and meet and greet Celebrities, the Royal Family and prominent Dignitaries of Dubai and International.”


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Cheryle Dias Managing Director – International Fashion Week Dubai Managing Director – The Opulence Events Managing Director – Cheryle Bridal & Haute Couture National Director Middleeast – Miss Super Talent of the World National Director Middleeast – Miss Summer World



La mia estate VD ITALY💎

La mia estate VD ITALY💎
Vi piacciono i miei orecchini?!
Oltre a brillare, ad essere leggerissimi da indossare, queste splendide chicche sono realizzate tutte a mano con materiali della migliore qualità.
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Io li ho indossati durante il mio soggiorno a Dubai😍




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A ring requires four hours of work.

My amazing necklace is completely made of stainless steel (wire and clasp) and the moving pearls inside are fresh water ones.

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